About Us

The FOLPAK company operates on the Polish and international transport market since the year 1992. We are an organizer of the transportation and the forwarding of goods in Poland and among European Union and eastern countries. Thanks to optimum planning and the organization of the work - we guarantee the speed and punctualness of taken commissions.
We reach every place in Europe thanks to the international network of partners of the logistic branch.


Our specialists offer solutions for everyone.
By using the modern fleet we are able to fulfil expectations of our Customers, organizing the supply of goods by land-way.
We are a firm which provides the logistic support in united Europe, making cooperation and the flow of goods between West and the East of Europe easier.
FOLPAK is a dependable firm. We can quickly adapt our actions to the changing reality of the forwarding branch. We guarantee the professional service and the certainity of the realization of commissions.

We offer optimal solutions in the sphere of the logistics basing on individual needs of our customers.

We operate on transportation-forwarding market for many years, we possess the wide knowledge and the experience.
The policy of our firm consists in the creation of advantageous cooperation terms for our Customers and constant raising of the effectivity of realized processes. Our employees possess the suitable knowledge and qualifications to provide the top quality services efficiently and professionally.
We cooperate with numerous Customs Agencies which also provide us their own services.
Having at our disposal contacts in whole Europe we guarantee the unfailing, quick and financially profitable delivery.
Our fleet counts 62 trucks with semitrailers of such types: canvas covered semitrailers, refrigeration semitrailers, tank semitrailers.
For the customers requests we organize also the specialistic transportation of off-gauge loads.
In the care for the quality of services provided by us we systematically improve existing solutions, and we introduce new technologies. The introduction of modern systems , methods and technics of management gives us the proper monitoring and the control of processes taking place in our firm. On 28 April 2006, FOPAK Sp. z o.o. was   awarded   with   the certificate   of  Quality   Management   System   conforming to ISO 9001:2000


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