dServed countries:
- Germany, countries of Benelux, Austria, Switzerland, England,
- Spain, Portugal, France, Sweden, Norway, Finland,
- Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Russia, Italy, 
- Serbia, Slovenia, Jugoslavia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Rumania, Bosnia and Herzegovina,

We guarantee the professional service
We provide our Customers most convenient routes and connections covering especially the time of fulfiling the commission and the price of the service.
Kinds of loads:
full- carriage
Mapa zasięgu działalności firmy Our freight forwarding and transportation activity is secured by the following policies: freight forwarder's third-party liability insurance (OCS -OC Spedytora) for an amount of - 300,000 and haulier's third-party liability insurance (OCP - OC Przewoźnika) for an amount of - 200, 000. We carry out transports secured by the TIR carnet. We hold the licence for the international carriage of goods by road for hire or reward and the licence to carry out the national transport of goods (which authorizes freight forwarding services).
To guarantee our customers the best fulfilment of the order we also offer transportation and freight forwarding consulting services.

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In the case of getting interested by our offer please contact us to talk over the terms of the cooperation in detail by phone: +48 18 449 08 45 or

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